Weight Loss #1

I made the best decision in August 2016 to start losing weight. I’ve made these decisions before but really never stuck through with them. This was different, I had so much motivation to do it. I started out walking until October, I also started drinking just water. 

By the end of November, I was down some lbs. I don’t remember how much because I didn’t want to rely on a scale but I went down one pant size. I was in Old Navy in Kansas City trying on some skinny jeans, pondered across one that was one size down and tried them on, it fit perfectly! The reason I was buying pants was because the pants I brought was getting loose on me. 

Black Friday came around and JC Penny’s was having a sale on their pants. I decided I should buy one that was another size lower than the ones I bought at Old Navy. By Christmas time, I fit perfectly in the pants I bought from Black Friday. 

Running has became the best decision I’ve made. Before I started my journey, I couldn’t run without having to catch my breath every 10 seconds. Now, I ran a mile and currently made it to 3 miles.

I’ve been drinking water daily and it has made an effect on my body, I feel more energized in the morning, I have clearer skin. 

This journey has been rough so far, the temptations do exist and it’s never been so hard. 

But the best part is sweating while running, the feeling of trying on pants in a size lower, the compliments that I receive, the best meal: chicken and brown rice. 

Everything will be worth it. 

I can’t stop now, I’ve just begun. 



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