The Cross

We stopped in Groom, TX. I seen the Cross so tall! I admire it with the sunset behind it. I got out of the car and walked to the three crosses, the tomb and around the Cross had everything Jesus had went through that led to the cross. I was walking and seen the statues, thinking about everything He went through just for us. He suffered, he bled as they beat Him. He suffered and yet sometimes I can be so stubborn at times. He pulled me out of every bad thing I’ve gone through. He saved me out of depression and suicide. He was there when no one was.

Knowing everything He’s done for me, there’s no way I can just forget everything He did and walk away. I can’t. I have to live my life to be Christ-like, not perfect but to be that light that shines within and to tell others about Him without having shame. I can’t be ashamed of Him because no one, NO ONE could ever did what Jesus Christ did for me, no one is going to take me to heaven. Jesus had people who hated Him and it’s going to be the same for His followers. I’ve been called names because I gave my life to Him, I’ve lost friends because of Him and I hope one day they will need Jesus and will give their lives to Him.

I don’t know what my future holds but I know God knows and I will put my trust in Him. ❤️


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